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U9s Ade

5Ways Soccer runs Sunday League teams through a local club Withdean Youth FC.

WYFC Team members will be offered an additional weeknight training session and will play fixtures against other local sides.  The teams we put together start at under 8s and are exclusively for children who attend Saturday Soccer School or the 5Ways Academy for the duration of the playing season. Each year in May/June we ask children currently attending the school if they want to be involved in a new team. Spaces for newly set-up teams are given away on a first come first serve basis.

We do not retrial for spaces in squads every year, so once a child has been given their space they can expect to keep it for as long as they are willing and able to make the additional commitments.  Each year priority of spaces will be given to returning players. Any additional available spaces will then be given away on a selection basis based on which children attending the Soccer School sessions are considered most ready for the challenge. Due to the popularity of the teams this does mean that places in squads that have already been set-up become much more limited.

At mini soccer level all our teams are run with the same philosophy as we operate at the Soccer School.  In other words, we are all about having fun and developing every player.  We do not operate an A and a B team system and we guarantee every child equal time on the pitch.  We have found that this not only helps those children lacking in confidence, but it also helps create players who may not have been given a chance to prove themselves at other clubs with a more result-orientated mentality.  We treat mini football like should be treated –  a fun and pressure free learning environment where every child is given the opportunity to learn and express themselves on the football pitch.   Teams are finalised in July each year with a limited number of spaces available and priority given to returning team members so be sure to register your interest early for the best chance of getting a space for your child.
9-A-SIDE (U11-U12)
Children going into the U11 age group will graduate from 7-a-side to 9-a-side football. At 9v9 level there is still an emphasis on technical development as a priority but the introduction of bigger pitches, bigger goals and offside rules leads to a greater requirement for tactical awareness and positional play.
In the first year at U11s, outside of cup matches, most of the games remain non-competitive, with no league table or results published. At U12s level, league tables are introduced and games become officially “competitive” for the first time with introduction of league tables and the possibility of promotion and relegation. Withdean teams at this level will be placed in a division that works for the team’s ability level and it is at this point that we may look at moving children between our various teams to find the level that is best suited for them. Fairness in selection and guaranteed match time for all squad members is still a priority at these age groups.
11-A-SIDE (U13-U16)
Whilst the emphasis on technical development will remain, the graduation to 11-a-side at u13s represents the opportunity for our teams to focus more on the competitive side of league play.
Once youth players reach U13s it is possible for us to enter teams into different leagues that will provide varying levels of challenge. If we have multiple teams at any given age group and it is required, we will consider moving players between teams to give them the more advanced players the opportunity to play together in the tougher leagues and allow those that have a bit more to learn the chance to improve in a team playing in a more forgiving league.
At this stage, team managers will look to set the direction of the team based on the wants and needs of the various participants.  At 11v11 level, some squads will be looking to adopt a more competitive performance-based approach to their games whilst others may decide to maintain a focus on social participation-focused football in the lower levels of the league structure. The direction the team opts to take will be decided by team managers based on their understanding of their squad and it’s members. It is at this stage that recruitment is open to children from outside of the 5Ways Soccer set-up.

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