Skilful Centre Backs

Who said Centre backs cant be wonderfully skilful players? Take a look at this video of Barcelona centre back Gerard Pique playing futsal in a show match recently. Whilst it is important for Centre backs to be disciplined there is always a time for them to show their skills at certain points in a match so its important they have them!

If any of you fancy playing futsal, Mark Shelton and Dave Fuller are currently running Futsal sessions from 7-8pm on Wednesday nights at Brighton University Sports centre. The sessions are open to all children currently playing for our Hawks 11-a-side teams. Your parents can contact Mark and Dave to book on at .

How to Attack a Corner Kick!

This is a great video to back up what we have been through in training time and time again. We will have to forgive the coach for calling a cross a “serve” because he is American and doesn’t know any better, but the other information is spot on and will help those of you who can header a ball figure out how to give yourself the best chance to put it in the back of the net from a corner. Like a lot of things in football, it is all about the communication with team mates around you prior to the corner coming in and the timing of the run.