Ibrahimovic vs England – One of the greatest International goals ever?

This is certainly one the Greatest International goals I have ever seen? What about you? Have a look at just some of the most popular contenders from other International matches over the years as well!

Skilful Centre Backs

Who said Centre backs cant be wonderfully skilful players? Take a look at this video of Barcelona centre back Gerard Pique playing futsal in a show match recently. Whilst it is important for Centre backs to be disciplined there is always a time for them to show their skills at certain points in a match so its important they have them!

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How to Attack a Corner Kick!

This is a great video to back up what we have been through in training time and time again. We will have to forgive the coach for calling a cross a “serve” because he is American and doesn’t know any better, but the other information is spot on and will help those of you who can header a ball figure out how to give yourself the best chance to put it in the back of the net from a corner. Like a lot of things in football, it is all about the communication with team mates around you prior to the corner coming in and the timing of the run.

The Wisdom of Cantona

Eric Cantona is a legend! Many of you will not remember him as he retired from football in 1997 before you were born. He played for Manchester United at a time when the likes of David Beckham, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs were all young players in their early years of playing for the United team and was considered the best of the lot – a football genius if you like! Watch this clip and have a think about it as it says a lot about what we all need to think about when we play for a team. It isn’t about the individual glory – its about the team and trusting your team mates. Without that – there is nothing!!!!!!!!

Amazing Overhead Kick!