Stay at Home Practices

Even though we can’t be around our team mates in these weird times of social distancing, you can still work really hard on improving some other aspects of your game – not least your ball control, footwork, juggling skills and football fitness.

With this in mind, the 5Ways Soccer coaches have assembled a collection of some of the best train-at-home football videos on the internet to give you some ideas of what you can do to practice your skills at home. All the videos included bellow are designed for working on your own in small spaces with very limited equipment.

Equipment you will need for these practices

  • A football (any ball will do, but if you have smaller skills ball, or a soft sponge ball – grab them too – try to ensure they are properly inflated)
  • Some space markers (if you don’t have any cones, use rolled up socks or jumpers to mark out your training space
  • Some Masking tape or chalk (only needed in two or three of the practices)
  • A wall you are able to kick a ball against (only needed for the wall practices)

What are repetitions?

Many of the practices you will see in these videos are what are known as “Repetition Practices”. This means that the drills involve you repeating the same move over and over again for a set period of time or for a certain number of “reps”. This is a very beneficial way to train because the aim of the training is to teach your muscles and brain to do the moves without you needing to actually think about them. This means, that with practice, they can become more of a natural reflex action (like when you automatically duck when someone has thrown something at you, or the way you automatically put your arms out when you start to lose balance). Once they become more reflexive, the hope is that the skills will happen naturally on the football pitch without you having to engage your brain and ask yourself to do it.

At first, you may find some of the moves difficult to do and they won’t feel natural, you may keep losing control of the ball and perhaps feel frustrated that you can’t do it exactly like in the video. If this happens to you then please don’t worry… remember you just need to be patient with yourself , keep trying, and you will improve. The more you try it, the more success you will eventually have, and if you keep practising it over and over again, it will begin to feel as natural to you as walking and running does.

Finally, make sure you don’t cheat yourself. The aim of these skills is to try to do them perfectly and build good habits. If you practice to do something and you are not concentrating on doing it the right way, with the proper technique, then all you will be doing is getting better at doing it badly. If you can, ask one of your family members to video you doing it, so you can look back at the video and check if you are doing it in the same way as the online tutorial video shows. If you are not, try to correct your actions, even if it feels a little uncomfortable at first, and then start working on those repetitions with a better technique.


Ball Mastery Practices.

“Ball Mastery” is the process of training your feet to manipulate the football using different parts of your feet and different movement patterns. These are all repetition practices that will help you hugely with your dribbling, your footwork, and your ability to beat players and use skills in tight spaces.

Ball Mastery Basic Moves (Simple ball manipulation techniques)


Ball Mastery Intermediate (A progression from the first video with some of the same techniques and some slightly trickier ones too)


Ball Mastery Advanced – (adding keepie uppies and “ball-off-the-floor” skills to the practice)

Ball Mastery and Agility – full 30 minute work out (for this one – you will need to put your screen somewhere you can see it whilst you train, then press play on the video, let it play and follow the instructions in real time for the entire 30 minutes)


Ball Juggling Practices/Keepie-Uppies

Ball Juggling is a great way to improve your first touch and overall control of the football. These videos show the progression from learning the basics of keeping the ball off the floor and progressing from being able to do two or three keep ups, to being able to keep the ball up for long-periods of time.  The later video also show you how to add tricks and freestyle moves and clever ways to flick the ball up off the floor to start the juggling.

Ball Juggling:  Getting started with keepie-uppies (the basics)


Ball Juggling: How to flick the ball up off the floor in creative ways to start your keepie-uppies


Ball Juggling: Adding advanced tricks and freestyle techniques (For skilled players who can already juggle a ball and keep it under control using both feet for a longer duration of time)


Wall Practices

Wall practices are great way of practising pass accuracy, first touch and receiving the ball without needing a partner. However, please don’t just use any wall in the house – ask an adult if it’s OK to use any particular wall first.

Simple Indoor wall practices

More advanced indoor wall practices


Simple Outdoor Wall Practices


Advanced Outdoor Wall practices (adding turns, volleys and aerial control)


Fun Stay at Home Challenges

This video shows you creative ways to use everyday stuff around the house to improve your skills. Some of these practices involve you doing things that your parents may not like – so please ensure you check with them before you use any of the items shown in the video to practice with.


Football Fitness Workouts

Football fitness workouts are a great way to stay fit whilst adding a football and football skills to your fitness training. The videos have a number of activities you can incorporate into a home work out – kind of like Joe Wicks for footballers if you like! If there are some you can’t do, don’t worry, you can mix and match the exercises you can do, and add new ones. If you take a pen and paper you can plan your own work out using a different combination of the exercises shown here and set your own times and number of reps to suit your own fitness level. Remember to challenge yourself and work hard though – if you are not sweating by the end of it then you probably need to work much harder.

10 minute home football fitness work out

20 minute home football fitness work out

Strength, balance and flexibility (without a ball) – this one if a great video that can be done in 15 minutes whilst you watch the video – listen to the instructions, copy the moves and keep time with the video.


The FA Home Practice Youtube Channel – click here for lots more train at home videos from the FA